Generating thumbnails on the fly with php
Original Image 512 X 512
no image found
Output Code Comments
no image found timthumb.php?src=images/img1.jpg&w=100&h=100 Set image width and height to 100px
no image found timthumb.php?src=images/img1.jpg&w=100&h=100&q=50 Low Image quality
no image found timthumb.php?src=images/img1.jpg&w=180&h=100&a=t Set Image Alignment position when cropping, c, t, l, r, b, tl, tr, bl, br
no image found timthumb.php?src=images/img1.jpg&w=150&h=100&zc=0 Resize to Fit specified dimensions (no cropping)
no image found timthumb.php?src=images/img1.jpg&w=150&h=100&zc=2 Resize proportionally to fit entire image into specified dimensions, and add borders if required
no image found timthumb.php?src=images/img1.jpg&w=100&h=100&f=5,150,0,0,25 Colorize, or tint, your images
no image found timthumb.php?src=images/img1.jpg&w=150&h=100&zc=2&ct=0 Use transparency and ignore background colour, set ct = 1 to use transparency